How to Address a Wedding Invitation

How to Address a Wedding Invitation
June 30, 2015 admin
How To Address An Envelope for a Wedding Invitation

I get the question “How to Address A Wedding Invitation” a lot from my clients, so I wanted to “address” it here for everyone’s reference! Addressing envelopes can be confusing since there are several different scenarios where different rules apply, but here are a few hard and fast rules that apply to every envelope that you address:

  • Spell out the word “and.”
  • Do not use initials
    • Example: “R. Reid Frankenberg” should be “Robert Reid Frankenberg”
  • Use numbers only when writing house numbers and zip codes.
  • Write out the words
    • Example: Street, Court, Avenue
  • Do not abbreviate state names
    • Example: use Illinois, vs. IL

Now to the nitty gritty. There are several unique scenarios when addressing an envelope that raise questions. I tried to outline the most common ones below. A few fun facts before you dive:

  • In the old-in-days “and” use to signify marriage, which is not necessarily the case any more.
  • If the woman’s professional title outranks her husbands, her name should be listed first.
  • In the case of same-sex married couples, the same rules apply as male and female marries couples #lovewins.
  • And for a final fun fact, The first commercially made envelope was made in 1845 🙂

Here is a handy guide for most unique envelope addressing situations. If I did not list one you are curious about, please do ask me in the comments!

How To Address An Envelope for a Wedding Invitation

Married Couples With
Different Last Names

Mr. Ross Geller and Mrs. Rachel Green

Married Couples

Mr. Marshall and Mrs. Lily Erikson
Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Erikson

Unmarried Couple Living Together

formal:Mr. Jim Halbert

Ms. Pam Beesly

modern*: Mr. Jim Halbert and Ms. Pam Beesly

Married Woman Doctor

Dr. Meredith Gray and Mr. Derek Shepherd

Two Married Doctors

Doctors Meredith and Derek Shepherd

Married Woman Doctor Who Uses
Her Husbands Name Socially

Dr. Meredith and Mr. Derek Shepherd

To Families and Children

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Dunphy

Luke, Miss Haley and Miss Alex

Single Woman

Ms Carrie Bradshaw

Married Couple Where Woman
Is a Commissioned Officer

Captain Katie Petronio and Mr James Scott

Married Couple Where Man
Is a Retired Commissioned Officer

Colonel and Mrs. Uncle Sam.

Married Couple Where Man is a Judge

The Honorable Phillip Banks and Mrs. Walter

Married Couple Where Woman is a Judge

the Honorable Brenda Hale and Mr. Jo Hale

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